May 29, 2007

29 05 2007

We skipped Lake Byllesby and start in Cannon Falls by a bridge there was a good current and about 10 yards after we got in Todd ran his kayak into a tree and flipped it then about .5 mile I dropped my paddle in the river. We stopped at the place that we were going to eat lunch but no one who was in the front know were the place was so we keep going. After a bit we came to a persons camper and stop to wait to Todd and the rest of the people. Then one of the canoes rammed into a other canoe and flipped it they lost some stuff and got all wet. We left that place after Todd got close and the flipped canoe was going. We stopped for lunch at a camp ground when Corky walk away in to the sun. After Todd found out that Corky was gone he jogged after her. After about a hour Corky came back and a little bit after that Todd got back. Then Tim got there with the cars and we left.

May 25, 2007

25 05 2007

We started at the Carleton and when to Lake Byllesby. When we got going good we got up to about 7.5 mph most of the time we only got about 3.5 -4 mph on the river. We stopped for lunch on a grass spot on the side of the river then we when for a hike. As we hiked we keep hearing gun shots and we come on some people dressed as people from the 1830s when we keep going we found a rendezvous people were shotting guns and cannons some were making butter and there was a lot of little people. After we finished looking at all the stuff we when back to the grass spot then down the river about a .5 mile. We stopped at a bridge. Some of use played frisbee, others threw rocks in the water and at me I was kayaking in the river.

The River (Book)

23 05 2007

The book came after hatchet. It started a as him getting talked into going back in the woods. Haft way in the book the guy gets hit by lighting and gos into a coma so they head down the river. It was a raft and we have a canoe his was slow and we can go fast. It was not that good of a book compared to hatchet from what I can remember of it.

May 22, 2007

22 05 2007

We started at Cannon Wilderness County Park were we stopped. It was a nice trip we did not hit much and we saw a bald eagle and its nest. On the way to Northfield the girls made a story about beavers which made the time pass nicely. After we got to Northfield we stopped at Riverside Park and had a BBQ then we played frisbee for a bit. Then Tim came to pick us up there were not as many car as most of the time so we had to do it twice.

May 21, 2007

21 05 2007

We started in Faribault it was a smooth trip. We stopped right outside Cannon Wilderness County Park. Most of the time the drivers would leave the van and the car at the place that we were going to stop for the day this time that is what they did they just did not leave the keys in the car. The couple of use in the front of the group were about 50 min. in front of the end people so we had to sit on the side of the road and wait for Todd to get there. When Todd got there we called Tim and he could not come till about 1:50PM so we started walking into Cannon Wilderness County Park it was about a mile into the park. There was a picnic area some of use including me and Scott stayed there and Todd and some of the kids hiked down to the river to go swimming and see nature. When they got back we waited a bit then Tim drove up and we got in the cars and left.

May 17, 2007

17 05 2007

We started in Wells lake it is on the other side of Cannon lake the one we have crossed. It was a nice easy paddle over the lake then we got in the lake and the Kings Mills Dam. We had to portage the dam it was not bad about 200 FT. When ever body got there we moved some people and keep going we seen two deer run a cross the river. It was nice to be on the river with a good current for the first time. We stopped at North Alexander Park to eat lunch my mom was stop by to give me my lunch. It was fun Todd had a frisbee with him and we started to play with Scott. A couple of people when swimming and then we at to leave. We only went a little bit then had to portage the other dam which was a pain because we had to get out a long ways before the dam because you could not get out closer to the dam. Then the water was very low. We had to cross a couple of logs and then we got out and left for the day.

May 16, 2007

16 05 2007

Today was the first day on the river. We started in Morristown on the north side of the dam and had to cross a lot of logs and rocks. It was a pain and I got my pants all wet and also got my backpack wet but the thing that made me the most mad was I got my shoes wet and after they dried shrank so I had to get new one. We stopped for lunch at the bridge crossing highway 60 about a mile from my old house. After about a hour we got back on the river we also added tommy to the canoe. It was a mild trip to Warsaw. The wind started to pick up as we got closer to the lake. Some of us stoped at Warsaw but two canoes keep going us and Roy. The lake was fun for the first bit then it got worse as we got closer to the center on the lake. When we just gave up on going forward we stoped at the big house bout 0.8 of a mile from where we were going to stop. When we had got both canoes on land and started to rest and figer out what to do now. Todd came into view when he got on land he called Tim and had him send the cars. Then to told us that one more canoe was still in the water we had not seen it. Then we moved the canoes from the backyard of the house to the driveway. When we went back to get are stuff we left we seen the other canoe it was a bit out there but coming in so Todd started to run back to the cars to bring them to the house after a little bit he got picked up by the mail person. Then we went to look how the other canoe was doing and we could not see it. Todd drove up as the other canoe just got back in sight and Todd help get them to land and the rest of us put the canoes on the trailer then we left to Warsaw to pick up the other people. That was a hard day but still fun in parts.


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